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12/23/2013  UPDATE: 123

Kylee Rae is a cute 20 yr. old college student from the north east.  Like most horny young college girls she watches a little porn and had noticed Boston stud Rocko Pearl.   So, she contacted him and suggested she wanted to try porn.   She really just couldn't wait to wrap her lips around his man-meat.  So, they met up in a little motel room so she could prove her cock sucking talents.  She looked so cute with his cock in her mouth, and in no time he gave her a nice load all over that cute college girl face.   But, she was ready for more and wanted to ride that cock.  In no time she wanted that cock in her mouth again and took another load on her perky young tits.  As you watch this video she is probably enjoying the holidays thinking about the fun she had at college this semester! (RUNNING TIME 29:45)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

12/10/2013  UPDATE: 122

Alex Chance worked hard and got a college degree but still can't find a good job in this crappy economy.  So, she shows up for a sketchy office assistant position interview wearing a great cleavage showing dress.  Her interviewer notices that and wastes no time finding out just how far she will go to get the job.   She wastes no time using her 36DD's to convince her interviewer.    To further get his attention she uses her cocksucking skills with lots of hot blowjob action.  To seal the deal she offers her hot young pussy for his tongue to taste and his hard cock to fuck.   The interview ends with her taking his load all over chin and big tits.   
(RUNNING TIME 28:43)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video    CLICK HERE

11/25/2013  UPDATE: 121

MILF Angelica Sin has a problem - she just moved into a new condo and nothing works - no heat and no hot water.  In this case, her neighbor DOES NOT have a problem as he gets to offer her his hot and steamy shower.   This offers him the opportunity to peep on her and her gigantic natural tits.  Lucky for him she’s also the appreciative type.  Wait till you see her pay him back like a good shower whore should with lots of cocksucking, doggystyle and taking his big load all over her face and tits.
(RUNNING TIME 32:54)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  

11/18/2013  UPDATE: 120

Kristen Jordan was doing a little modeling photo shoot with our man Xavier.  The more photos she did the hornier she got and soon she was ramming her pussy with a big dildo.    By then she new she was in need of big black cock and this time she need it in her ass!  After sucking his cock good, he wasted no time getting that hard cock in her tight ass.   In no time at all that ass was filled up with a good anal creampie.   But Kristen Jordan was not done and wanted more black cock so she sucked his cock again and was reward with lots of sperm all over her pretty face in a nice facial.     (RUNNING TIME 21:35)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

11/4/2013  UPDATE: 119

Samantha has a good stripping gig at a large batchelor party.   But her car has broken down and she needs to get ready for the party.  Our man offers the use of his nice hotel room to her.    She is so grateful for his help and she has a little time so she thanks him the best way a stripper whore knows, by sucking his cock.  But why stop there when her pussy needs a good pounding?   After some good hard fucking ending with some doggystyle and a big load of cum all over her ass and pussy, she is ready for her stripper gig!.  (RUNNING TIME 31:18)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE

10/22/2013  UPDATE: 118

Kiki Munroe is just 18 and fairly new in porn.  She had already tried her first anal scene and was ready for more.  As the older photographer Matt was taking some nice lingerie photos of her, she was obviously feeling naughty and wanting to play.    Matt took the hint and fingered her pussy very hard until she came.  He then decided it was time to get her butt trained for bigger cocks in it.   After patiently working her pussy with a small vibrator he puts in her ass.  He then works over to a bigger vibrator and finally his cock.   She may have got more than she bargained for as she gets ass fucked hard until she is whimpering.  Old Matt can't resist her young pussy and finishes her off with some hard pussy fucking.  (RUNNING TIME 40:19)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

10/1/2013  UPDATE: 117

Tim went over to his friend Chris's house to hang out on a break from college.   He walks in to find Chris's mom Mrs. P laying on a bed watching Chris's porn and no Chris around.   Mrs. P and Tim flirt a little but she doesn't want to cheat on her hubby.   In walks her daughter Lilly looking very cute and sexy.  We very rapidly discover that Mrs. P and her daughter have a very special mother-daughter relationship.  After getting naked and playing a little, Mrs. P pretty much invites Tim to fuck her daughter.    Things get pretty wild from there as we see what a great cocksucker Lilly is as she takes Tim's big cock deep in her mouth until she chokes all while she has been tied up by her mom.  Tim then fucks the hell out of Lilly while being cheered on by her mom.  Be sure to notice Lilly's legs in the air and how they shake while she is getting fucked and orgasming.   I just love a girl that get's into fucking that much.  Tim finishes with a hot creampie all over Lilly's young pussy.  (RUNNING TIME 25:51)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

9/19/2013  UPDATE: 116

Westy is a hot 20 yr old Czech girl with gorgeous 34G BIG TITS.   She was in New York for a visit so our man Victor hooked up with her for a little fun.  After she did a little strip show and got those big jugs out, Victor was ready to get his hands on them.   After playing with them and tasting her sweet young pussy, she was ready for some cock.   Victor gave her cock right between those big tits and then pounded her pussy good before shooting his load all over them!  You will notice the camera man seemed to keep the camera on her tits a lot.  Can you blame him?  (RUNNING TIME 31:14)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/5/2013  UPDATE: 115

Vivian Ivy did some very hot porn about 5 years ago.  Now she has fully matured into a curvy big booty MILF.   After she became recently single, she decided it was time to try some porn again.   So, as she was visiting friends on the East Coast, she contacted us for an audition.   When she got naked the first thing I saw was gorgeous tits outlined with tan lines.  I am old fashioned I guess, I just love tan lines on girls.   Then when she turned around and showed off that big firm booty, my mind immediately thought of spanking and doggystyle.  But first it was time to show that she could still suck cock like a porn star and she passed with flying colors.  I also remembered why I like tanned girls with tanlines,  as I deposited my load on her nice full tanned tummy.   As well as finishing off with some hard doggystyle and another cumshot on her nice full MILF booty! (RUNNING TIME 30:11)   For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/26/2013  UPDATE: 114

Marie Fullbush works at a hotel and has been caught by her boss Al in the past playing with her hairy pussy on the job.   She is horny again while working but is on her period so she can't play with her pussy much.  She solves that by playing with her asshole with a vibrator.  Her boss Al catches her again in the act so she has to suck his older cock to keep her job.   Just to make sure she keeps her job, she replaces that vibrator with Al's older cock deep in her ass.   After some good ass fucking, she doesn't hesitate to take his cock in her mouth and take his sperm deep in her throat!   (RUNNING TIME 25:37)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

8/19/2013  UPDATE: 113

Kristen Jordan is a true East Coast girl who has since gone on to show how much she loves black cock in the porn world of LA.   But she honed her black cock sucking skills on our man Xavier back on the East Coast.    We get a nice view of her taking her time worshipping a hard cock and lovingly licking the balls, shaft and tip.  We also get some great POV shots and see see just how hot Kristen looks with a hard black cock in her mouth.   Before long, our man can take it no longer and feverishly pumps her hot, wet pussy until he fills it with lots of black cock sperm!   The only thing hotter than a cute girl sucking cock is seeing the results of a hot creampie running out of her pussy.   (RUNNING TIME 25:32)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

8/9/2013  UPDATE: 112
Ariel Snow had done some babysitting for older Matt's kids but needed more cash so she was working as a stripper.   Matt brings his buddy John over to interview her for a possible babysitting job with him.   He is apprehensive about hiring her with all the tats and piercings she has.  So, Ariel goes to work convincing him by showing him all the fringe benefits he will receive like getting his dick sucked, getting his dick ridden by her tight young pussy and taking his cum on her milky white skin.!   She even shows her multitasking skills by playing with both guys cocks at once.  (RUNNING TIME 40:16)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

Mimi Farra is a shy, quiet young 20 year old who loves to be submissive.  I tell her to suck my cock and she sucks it like a champ  I tell her to get in the doggystyle position to get fucked and she gladly does it.   So, when I told her to do another porn video with me she had to let me creampie her pussy, she of course said yes.   She may be quiet in conversation but she does love to fuck.  So after filling her hot young pussy with my sperm, she was ready for more.  After some hot spoon and doggystyle she made me shoot another load all over her hot ass.   I just love quiet, submissive girls who love to fuck! (RUNNING TIME 22:19)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

Molly is a 38 year old MILF who works with younger 24 yr old Roger in an office.  After a little flirting at the office, Molly invited him over to her place.  They decided since both of them would be a little nervous about the whole thing they would just not talk about it and jump right into the action.   Molly leaves little doubt that she wants Roger's younger cock.  Of course Roger had wondered about those great tits of Molly's seeing them in dresses at the office.   So, what we get to see in this video is non-stop action of cocksucking and fucking! (RUNNING TIME 20:14)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

Our guy Brad was out visiting us in Philly from LA.  We had met a hot Russian girl named
Camilia and convinced her to come in for a "model interview".  Brad wasted no time trying to convince her to just skip the modeling and go right to porn.  After convincing her to get naked so he could "evaluate" her body, things led to cocksucking and lots of fucking.   Even though Brad told her he was a professional and would be very careful since she was not on birth control, he couldn't help himself and gave her a big American welcome creampie.    Even though she hasn't been in the US very long she got a good welcome with some good old American sperm running out of her pussy! (RUNNING TIME 43:02)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE


Marie Fullbush works at a hotel and was sent by her manager Al to check on a room.  He comes into the room and find her naked and playing with her hairy pussy.  She is willing to do ANYTHING to keep her job including getting  fucked and creampied by her older boss.  To make sure she keeps her job, later that night she meets him in the same room and drops to her knees and sucks his cock until he unloads another good load of cum all over her face.   (RUNNING TIME 24:25)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE


Kristen Jordan had been modeling on the East Coast and was quite comfortable showing off her body.  As you can see in the pics she loved modeling with white creamy stuff on her pussy.    So, she decided she would rather have the real white creamy cum from a hard cock.   This is her very first porn shoot done as a little amateur shoot with our man Rocko.    The video quality is not the highest but I think you can still appreciate the hard fucking Rocko delivers on Kristen.  He gave her a full load of cum in a nice creampie!  (RUNNING TIME 29:21)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


This update we have sweet young
Mallory.  I have to admit, I almost fell in love with this one.  About as cute as they come and also about as tight as they come.  Her pussy felt like it was suctioning my cock the whole time.  She was so excited to taste my cum she barely took her mouth off my dick.  The best part is, she’s a swallower!  (RUNNING TIME 24:18)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Ivy Winters was making an East Coast swing before heading to LA to shoot more porn.  She always wanted to continue her higher education so we arranged for a personal lesson with a real Ivy League professor.  Ivy even wore her most sophisticated looking glasses so she would be able to learn well.  Her first lesson was to suck the professors cock.  Her second lesson was learn advanced cock riding skills.   And her final lesson was to learn why scholarly girls wear glasses.    It is to keep massive cumshots out of their eyes of course!!  (RUNNING TIME 33:44)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE


Here we are with another hot episode of
EastCoastXXX.  Today we’re offering up a little variety.  After all, variety is the spice of life.  This week we have tattooed, alt porn girl Mabel Wolfe.  She may seem like a tough girl to crack but let me tell you, she’s a true submissive slut.  Sex to her is a spiritual adventure and she likes nothing more than having a dick split her lips and take big load of cum in her mouth.  So enjoy, porn fans! (RUNNING TIME 27:47) For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Dulce Cherry is back with her hot little piece of ass and full tits  and LOVES to take off her clothes and get creampied.  Good thing for us she came back with her set of all natural 38D tits high heels, and thong.  Watch her get naked and suck and fuck her way to a creampie filling. (RUNNING TIME 29:48)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Hi everybody.  We’re back with a new episode of eastcoastxxx.com.  Today we have internet superstar
Housewife Kelly.  She is absolutely one of the hottest milfs we’ve ever shot and one of the sluttiest!  This girl has a mouth of velvet.  I was so close to losing it way too early.  I managed to hold it together and slam that pussy east coast style.  Enjoy as I deliver my chowder to her throat (RUNNING TIME 26:45)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


This week’s visitor is east coast hottie
Giulliana.  She is a local model who wanted to try her very first porn shoot.  She was a very shy girl at first and was very nervous for it being her XXX debut.  But she opened up once she realized that she was going to get to do her favorite thing….taste jizz.   Watch as we deflower this local east coast model. (RUNNING TIME 19:19)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Have you ever been so horny that you can’t sleep?  I was, so I called my friend
Totally Tabitha who just happens to be a pornstar.  If you can’t tell by now, she’s my favorite and I just had to get a blowjob from her to get some relief.  Lucky for me she’s always on call whenever you need to get sucked off.  And those tits are to die for.  So enjoy the end result of my phone call!  And remember…..she’ll blow you too if you ever meet her! (RUNNING TIME 18:20)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


This week’s cutie is
Angel.   This girl will just as soon suck your cock as shake your hand.  She made it clear she was simply using me to get off.  Who am I to argue?  This girl gets right to it with some deep throat action until she decides to ride the bone.  She keeps fucking until I unleash a load right into her mouth.  She then shows me my seed and swallows it down. (RUNNING TIME 22:36)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Dallas Diamondz really is a slut even if she denies it.  She goes out all night with her "girlfriends" and gets caught by hubby who isn't believing it even a little.  He then figures if she wants to act like a slut, then she should play the part for him.  Watch her as she plays her slut role so well, sucking his cock, fucking him like a dirty slut before getting a nice hot creampie in her MILF cunt. (RUNNING TIME 39:09)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


This week East Coast hosts adorable porn starlet
Lexi Belle. She quickly gets comfortable and shows what a cute little whore she is. Lexi serves up a sloppy, head bobbing blow job getting her rent-a-prick right to the edge. But the tables quickly turn as she rides his big dick. Lexi gets fucked raw and is made to tap out. Lexi then begs more a mouth full of cum and gets plastered, courtesy of East Coast. (RUNNING TIME 41:49)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


MILF Vanessa Luna
is a hot little latina MILF with big tits and a curvy bubble-butt ass who is here for an interview for a personal assistant job.  When she finds out that the interview is being video-taped, she boasts that she is MORE than comfortable in front of the camera because she has done some modeling in her past.  Then we find out exactly HOW comfortable she is with a camera rolling and this little slut shows off all that she has for the camera and breaks into a full out porn shoot.  Nothing would be complete without a creampie ending and that's what she gets - her cunt running over with cum. (RUNNING TIME 40:30)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Sarah Vixen
is an East Coast slut that loves to swallow cock.  While we usually like to inseminate girls in a creampie finish, this whore begged us to fill up her mouth and that's just what we did. (RUNNING TIME 25:14)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


is a blond amateur with awesome natural full tits and big pink areolas that express milk!  She has a nice full, soft ass and a wet pussy that that just begs to be filled with cum.  Danielle suck and fucks her way to a huge sloppy creampie that spills out all over her bald pussy. (RUNNING TIME 39:31)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


MILF Sara James
stops over to see her son's teacher because of his poor grades.  She is convinced there is some way for her to help her son do better.  Despite teacher thinking she is already doing all she can, Sara proves him wrong and sucks and fucks him until he fills her MILF cunt with a load of creampie cum.  There is indeed more than one way to get an A. (RUNNING TIME 35:02)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Big tit whore Jessica Tight insisted on showing us how much she liked to suck cock.  So much so that she said "I want you to skull fuck me".  Holy shit, how often does a girl say that to you? Well it doesn't take much and before you can say "cock" I was jamming my stiffy in her mouth.  Great oral scene that ends with her face getting painted with cum.  (RUNNING TIME 17:02)  For a FREE Preview  CLICK HERE


Aurora Rose
is a local girl with big natural DD tits who has never done anything like porn before this shoot.  She loves showing off her tits and once we had her top off, it was pretty clear that she was up for anything.  Watch her fuck and suck her way through blow job's, tit job's and a creampie finish. (RUNNING TIME 27:46)  FOR a FREE PREVIEW  CLICK HERE


is a local real estate agent who has a knack for moving property better than everyone else in her office. Doesn't take us too long to find out why.  Turns out this big-titted MILF knows how to use those tits and her curvy ass to get what she wants.  Speaking of ass, besides sticking it in our face, she opens up her asshole and gets reemed at the end of the scene real nice, slow, and close up so you can see it all including a nice creamy pop shot. (RUNNING TIME 35:02)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

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